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Rhode Island Wiring Service manufactures all types of automotive harnesses from the early
1900's to the present, excluding those requiring molded connectors.

We start with modern plastic insulated, stranded copper wire, and braid or dye it in our own machines with quality cotton or dye in the correct color codes. We process our braided wire through our lacquer tower where it receives two separate types of protective coatings. The first, to seal and bond the braid to the insulation; the second, to resist physical damage. The chemicals we use make our products, unlike those of most other manufacturers, self extinguishing out of the presence of an open flame, conforming to Underwriters Laboratory specifications FR-1.

There are no other companies that have elected to go to the expense of manufacturing and stocking both plastic-dyed and cotton-braided wire in the correct color-coding patterns of British, German, Chrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, and numerous other manufacturer's patterns, which are all distinctively different from each other. This is not where our accuracy stops.

Each harness is individually assembled from our own prints, all of which were developed from original harnesses. The assembled harness (again, to factory color code specifications) then has the outer braid or wrapping applied and moves on to the finishing department.

There, quality terminals and insulators are applied. Terminals are crimped and soldered (No pinched-on, plastic-covered or steel terminals are ever used here.) Each wire is tagged or identified individually for installation point, and the finished product packaged in transparent protective plastic. Each order is shipped with a copy of an original schematic.

Quality and accuracy checks follow each harness throughout manufacture. We earned our reputation by refusing to compromise our standards. No "One Size Fits All" harnesses are used. Our harnesses are "high point," safe, and dependable. Before you buy any harness, check color coding, terminals, insulators, fire resistance, and materials. See if it is an exact duplicate of your original, and ask for a detailed description in writing, as we have done. Quality, accuracy, correctness, and safety are our guides. When you compare our product with others in this light, you will know why we are the largest... and number one in our field.

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